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Dance Works

Critics Reviews

Critics have recognized Zjana’s artistic strengths in her stage presence, technical skill, and imaginative portrayals.

An experience full and complete. Remarkable.

Jenny Gilbert, The Independent UK

Has magnetic appeal. The alchemy on stage is engrossing.

Cathy Culver, Voice Magazine

a wonderful mix of fluidity and strength....masterfully executed

iDance, NYC


Performing in Zjana's works

Laura Lorenzi (2022)

Pheobe Higgs (2022)

Irene Giminez (2018-2022)

Nico Migliorati (2018-2019)

Ashley Handel (2018-2019)

Joe Grey Adams (2018-2022) 

Alex Paton (2018-2019)

Darja Janošević (2016-2017)


Ranko Maric (2017)

Sarah Xiao (2017)

Sylvie Cox (2017)

Caterina Dos Santos (2016)

Ged Flood (2016)


Matt Kirk (2016)

Reynir Hutber (2016-2022)

Gabriela Flarys (2015-2022)

Adam Moore (2015-2022)

Giana Burtright (2015-2017)

Olive Hardy (2015-2016)

Rosie Terry Too Good (2011-2022)

Chiara Giordan (2011)

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