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2019 With Our Shadows, live motion capture data from the dancers is projected in realtime on stage, Laban Theater, London, UK

2018 Glass on Glass, dance for camera, film by Reynir Hutber, London, UK

2018 Becoming Hardware, short film, Laban Studio Theater, London, UK

2018 Glitch, MaxMSP creative coding and live performance, Laban Studio Theater, London, UK


2018 Computer Vision music video, a choreographic experiment using Kinect, London, UK


2017 See Her, Sheung Wan Culture Centre, as Resident artist at HKIDF, Hong Kong, HK


2017 Set Sail, The Place Theater, as part of Resolutions, London, UK 


2016 Pomack, Aerial Arena Arts Center, London, UK


2015 Silence/ In Blue, Turner Contemporary Museum Margate, UK


2015 Untitled, The Actors Fund Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA


2013 Residency & Performance, La Caldera, as part of BIDE Barcelona, Spain

"Has magnetic appeal. The alchemy on stage is engrossing."

Cathy Culver, Voice Magazine

"An experience full and complete. Remarkable."

Jenny Gilbert, The Independent

"a wonderful mix of fluidity and strength... masterfully executed."

iDance, NYC


The bellow are academic research articles I've published by peer review.

Find more publications of my work at Medium

Contemporary dancing, embodied practices and wellbeing during digital times

Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference 2021

Arts & Health South West hosted with the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance

United Kingdom, June 2021

Explorations of motion capture data for Choreographers
Somatics based dance choreography and computer programming for live performance

7th Movement and Computing Conference  
Rutgers University, New Jersey July 2020

Resilience - Parallel spaces, self-caring, and heterotopias
Social media, specifically Instagram, and somatics practices as fluid heterotopias; parallel spaces of self-caring and resilience

Dance Studies Association 

Conference Vancouver, October 2020 (cancelled)

London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, July 2020 (online)

Improvisation, Avatars and New Media
hosted by Coventry University

Performance Knowledges: Transmission, Composition, Praxis, University of Malta, March 2020

Re-imagining the Future of Dance in Higher Education through Fred Moten's Fugativity and Andre Lepeckie's Choreopolitics
"Dance first. Think later." ~Samuel Beckett

Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, May 2015

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