2019 Touching (strong sensations) live motion capture data from the dancers is projected in realtime on stage, Laban Theater, London, UK

2018 Glass on Glass, dance for camera, film by Reynir Hutber, London, UK

2018 Becoming Hardware, short film, Laban Studio Theater, London, UK

2018 Dust, MaxMSP creative coding and live performance, Laban Studio Theater, London, UK

2018 Computer Vision music video, a choreographic experiment using Kinect, London, UK

2017 See Her, Hong Kong Culture Center, as Resident artist at HKIDF, Hong Kong, HK

2017 Set Sail, The Place Theater, as part of Resolutions, London, UK 

2016 Pomack, Aerial Arena Arts Center, London, UK

2015 Silence/ In Blue, Turner Contemporary Museum Margate, UK

2015 Untitled, The Actors Fund Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2013 Residency & Performance, La Caldera, as part of BIDE Barcelona, Spain

2011 Passing: A film in collaboration with Tal Glicks, Tel Aviv, Israel


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