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Dancing, Embodied Practice and Digital Technologies

I enjoy writing and have had some of my research on dance, embodied practice, and digital technologies published by peer review. I sometimes speak at conferences and present my artistic findings within the academic context. If you'd like to read my latest articles you can also find me on Medium by following this link.

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Independent peer reviewed research

Dancing Chaos with Augmented Reality, Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts, International Conference, Kingston University, London, UK, September 2022


Somatics for the digital space - based on, CHW Southwest Conference, Special Issue Perspectives in Public Health, submitted August 2021, published May 2022

A case for wild thought, in Narratives of Displacement, Universale Biblion, (Università “G. d’Annunzio” di Chieti-Pescara), Editor Prof. Miriam Sette, Italy, October 2021


Contemporary dancing, embodied practices and wellbeing during digital times, Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance United Kingdom, June 2021


Improvisation, Avatars and New Media, hosted by Coventry University, Performance Knowledges: Transmission, Composition, Praxis, University of Malta, March 2020


Resilience - Parallel spaces, self-caring and heterotopias, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, July 2020


Portable Interactive Explorations of Motion Data Systems for Choreographers, 7th International Conference on Movement and Computing, Rutgers University, July 2020

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